There are many engineering activities easily implemented at home or in a co-op that are challenging, engaging, and a ton of fun!

Here are 10 really cool options:

Strongest Shapes – Using index cards and only one shape in your design, build a bridge that can support a toy car.

Slender Tower Challenge – Build the tallest tower you can with the smallest footprint possible.

Wind Powered Cars – Design and build a car that moves by wind power.

Design a Catapult – Build a catapult that launches a projectile and hits a target.

Squishy Circuits – Create a play dough creature with eyes that light up.

Alarming Surprise – Build an electrical circuit to power an alarm that is small enough to hide and that goes off when you flip the switch.

Aeronautical Airfoils – Design an airfoil that will enable a glider to fly the greatest distance.

Bobsled Racer – Build a miniature bobsled that can win a race down a frozen slope.

Water Pollution Cleanup – Design a process to treat water contaminated with acid and oil.

Design a Dome – Design a domed structure strong enough to support 60 pennies.

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